Review: Off Base by Annabeth Albert

Off Base (Out of Uniform, #1)Off Base by Annabeth Albert
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Genre: LGBT Romance

Another hot and heartwarming read by Annabeth Albert. This series also touches on her Gaymers series, so it was lovely to see some of the characters from that series in here too.

The story revolves around Zach, a closeted, virgin, Navy SEAL who’s from a very religiously conservative family and Pike, an out and proud professor.

Zach is tired of dealing with the homophobia he witnesses every day while going through SEAL training and needs to get off base and find his own safe space for his down time. His commanding officer has a rental house that needs some repair and offers Zach a deal to live there while performing the repairs necessary to the place. The downside is that Zach doesn’t know anything about home repair.

In comes his restoration saving grace, Pike. ¬†Friends with Zach’s best friend, Pike’s looking for a place to live in San Diego after being offered a visiting professor gig at the University. Reluctantly, Zach offers him a place to stay, knowing the attraction he’s felt for Pike in the past.

The story weaves around Zach’s intense fear of being outed all the while falling in love with his roommate while Pike needs to figure out if dating a closeting man is worth the hassle and heartbreak.

Another lovely tale brought to life in the hands of Albert. Check it out if you like hot military men who are sexually confused but know how to give orders.

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Review: Wrapped Together by Annabeth Albert

Wrapped Together (Portland Heat, #5)Wrapped Together by Annabeth Albert
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Genre:  Holiday LGBT Romance

Annabeth doesn’t disappoint with the new holiday story from her Portland Heat series.

This story revolves around two longtime friends, the uptight stationary shop owner, Hollis and the laidback flirty Sawyer. The pair has known each other since childhood, and with the marriage between their twin siblings, they’re now actually family.

Hollis was burned by a lover long ago and can’t seem to open up and allow himself to be vulnerable. Sawyer appears to have the attention span of a toddler, jumping from one partner and hobby to another without much thought. This frightens Hollis, worried he would be the next hobby or partner to be cast aside. When Sawyer bets Hollis he can get him to enjoy the Holidays despite his lingering grief of his parent’s death a few years prior, Hollis takes him up on it.

Sawyer takes the challenge to show Hollis all the joy he’s missing out on by being stuck in his solitary, grief-stricken life, hoping it will bring them closer together in the process.

The story was short, sweet and well paced. If you’re looking for a Lovely little holiday story to keep you warm this year, check out Wrapped Together.

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