Review: Let it Snow by Jeanette Grey

Let it SnowLet it Snow by Jeanette Grey

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Genre: Holiday Romance

Baby, it’s cold outside, and all I want to be is inside warm with you.
Whew, this was a lovely little novella to get your holiday spirit pumping!

Sam and Holly pulled the short draw straw and had to work the closing shift at the bookstore they work at a few days before Christmas. The only problem? A blizzard descended upon them while they were busy stocking shelves, and are now forced to spend the night.
The real problem is how do you spend the night with someone you’ve had a crush on for months but haven’t told them?

Sam and Holly fumble around their attraction over the course of the evening. They each have their reasons to be closed off, but when they open themselves up to be vulnerable, they realize love and understanding might be right under their noses.

A lovely holiday read to get you into the spirit of the season.

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